Behind the scenes coordination for large video conferencing events

Beyond the scope of everyday business meetings are your high-level events — company-wide reviews, training programmes, investor meetings, product launches, human resource policy introductions, CEO presentations, board meetings, crisis management situations, and more. Considering their scope and often sensitive content, such crucial conferences must run flawlessly and accommodate all potential participants regardless of location.

Today, faced with tight deadlines, myriad conferencing options, and increasingly complex technologies, few organisations are equipped to stage such corporate events.

We understand the critical nature of your meetings. Event Management from NTG Conferencing offers a solution to ensure that you produce flawless events. With comprehensive event consulting, management, and production services designed to relieve the burden of planning such events; you can focus strictly on content, leaving the logistics to us. Our Event Management services team serves as a single point of contact for handling all the details surrounding your high-level video conferencing events, from consultation and planning to production and follow-up.

Event Management benefits

  • Full conference control and monitoring
  • Agenda preparation
  • Active participation in broadcasting content
  • Content and template design and development
  • Question & Answer moderation
  • Presentation Best Practices consultation
  • Technical coordination of all staff
  • Resource coordination
  • Facilities rentals
  • Registration and sign-up process management
  • Full conference notifications and invitations