NTG provides comprehensive and customized IT and networking solutions to businesses, healthcare facilities, and financial institutions. From network design and security to managed IT services, we ensure full-service IT management for organizations with service and security needs.


We offer best-in-class IT services for banks and financial institutions; we have over a decade of experience managing bank networks, ensuring regulatory compliance, aiding with core conversions, supporting end-users, and providing critical IT vulnerability assessments.


From major medical centers and multi-site medical practices to dentists, doctors, and therapists, we provide secure and easy access, with systems that ensure HIPAA compliance, protect patient information, and help EMR systems run efficiently.


We understand IT’s role in providing stable service in the most extreme environments. We give our manufacturing clients the tools they need to both power performance and avoid costly downtime and disruptions.


We work with K-12 and higher-education institutions to make sense of the ever-changing IT landscape. We provide complete, customized solutions for students, teachers, and administrators.


When you’re in the business of serving others, you’re often working with tight budgets. We have helped nonprofits develop and win grants, leverage existing relationships to obtain new hardware, and plan for future IT needs.


With remote workforces, tight deadlines, and critical line-of-business-applications, construction companies have a unique set of IT demands. We have worked with construction companies of all sizes to help their teams remain productive inside and outside the office.