Schools, institutes and churches usually have their auditoriums/ theatre halls for diverse purposes such as dramas, lectures, seminars and ceremonies. In most cases, theatre presentations are one way and non-interactive. In some situations, interactive theatre is necessary for better collaboration among a large group. No matter it is an interactive theatre or not, the comprehensiveness of audio visual equipment and central control of all electronic devices are critical in large auditoriums/ theatre halls.

NTG Audio Visual Solutions

  • High-definition projectors and large projection screens to display video or computer content.
  • High-definition ceiling microphones, speakers and sound systems for offering natural and clarity sound.
  • Control systems or keypads with programmed interfaces to allow presenters to easily control over audio visual equipment such as players, projectors, electronic screens, microphones, amplifiers and different zones of lightings.
  • Entertainment player allow you to play blu-ray films or music for different occasions.
  • Digital signage at the entrances of auditorium/ theatre hall to display event directories, welcome messages and live-streaming on-going events in real-time.