We offer training of the AV system we implement to you and all your staff who will be using it. The breadth and depth of a training session will always depend upon the complexity of your system.

What is included in the training session?

Preparation of your system before use

  • Enabling the right settings such as lighting
  • Powering up displays, computers and video teleconferencing equipment

Operating the system

  • Video source routing and control
  • Accessing system presets
  • Selecting proper audio sources and levels
  • Cors and video teleconferencing equipmentnnecting auxiliary equipment, such as external laptops
  • Controlling other components (i.e., DVD player)
  • Selecting proper settings for video teleconferencing

Running a video teleconference session

  • Connecting incoming calls
  • Using Address Book
  • Connecting other sources for viewing during call

System administration and maintenance tips

Training sessions are designed for you to:

  • Discover what the product can do
  • Integrate the capabilities of the product with the work you do
  • Make sure your product investment pays off

We offer several levels of training for individuals and for groups in your organization including half- and full-day sessions. Our trainer will come to your office and provide all the basics of your product and cater a training session to how you can best utilize the product in your environment.