CCTV Services, Inc. works with many places of worship from a multitude of denominations to increase the safety of the congregation.

We will help you to secure your premises with quality HD video surveillance equipment, so that you can clearly see what happens on your premises.

Not only will you be able to view your cameras live when you are there, you’ll also be able to access them through your Smartphone any time of day or night, as well.

If you desire, we can also set up motion alerts that will let you know if someone is in an off-limits area or is there after hours.

We believe that it is better to keep people honest than to catch them in the act.

Therefore, one of our company owners will visit your location and provide you with a professional evaluation and create a plan to cover your high risk areas.

Areas of Concern

  • Public Safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Liability
  • Keep Parishioners Safe
  • Keep Eye on Counting Money
  • Internal Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Theft of Poor Boxes
  • Part of community effort to secure the neighborhood
  • Help police take criminals off the street
  • They are Community Oriented
  • Need to See Who is In The Sanctuary