At NTG, we work with the best product manufactures and with the most advanced technology in the IPTV business today. Our wide range of IPTV products and solutions enable us to offer our customers a diverse and cost effective solution to their IPTV requirement.

Our professional team will design and configure the whole environment, enabling a shorter time to market within the industry they are targeting. We are then able to support any IPTV systems we have supplied and installed with a 24/7 maintenance contract, giving peace of mind and providing the end customers with a hassle free viewing experience.

Corporate TV

A Corporate or Enterprise IPTV system can be quite varied depending upon your requirements. A basic system usually...

Healthcare TV industry

Hospitals, retirement homes, dorms and other medical facilities

IPTV for Accommodation industry

This type of IPTV soution is suitable for Hotels, resorts, apartments, boutique hotels or villas. The primary...

IPTV for Education

The primary requirements for a University/College/Schools campus IPTV System are for student entertainment and studying...

Maritime TV industry

Cargo ships, cruise ships, river ships, oil rigs or ferryboats