The primary requirements for a University/College/Schools campus IPTV System are for student entertainment and studying. A bouquet of both national and international TV channels can be provided from terrestrial and satellite feeds, together with Video on Demand (VoD) for movies and educational/study videos.

The system can be enhanced with Catch-up TV and network PVR (nPVR) to allow TV viewing to fit in around the study and social life of the students. Lectures are now being recorded, archived and made available online using VoD. An IPTV system is ideal for carrying this high-workload over the campus network for many thousands of students, using a combination of both set top boxes and personal computers.

IPTV Middleware

This Campus based IPTV system with integrated middleware for universities and colleges sites is available from NTG. This middleware with easy to follow menus allows selection of the required TV or video content.